Velayla, Papercut with 24k Gold Leaf, Psalms 139:12, Framed

Product Code: hila-velayla-fr

$1,800.00 USD

This stunning papercut artwork draws inspiration from Tehillim, the Book of Psalms. The words "ולילה כיום יאיר" come from Chapter 139, verse 12: Even in darkness, I cannot hide from You. To You, the night shines as bright as day. Darkness and light are the same to You -- a poetic reminder of God's constant protection and watchful eye. In the work, you can find the center piece to be the tree of life, radiating outwards. On both sides, there are pillars of earth decorated with the lion and ram. From the top of the pillars, there are spiral steps climbing up to the heavens (another explanation is that those steps are our advancement towards enlightenment). In between the tree of life and the pillars you can find two of the gates of Jerusalem - Sha'ar HaRachamim (Golden Gate) and Sha'ar Yafo (Jaffa Gate) on the left and right, respectively, and fig leaves are decorating all around the pillars.

  • Approximately 11.81" x 15.75"
  • Papercut with gold leaf paint
  • Verse from Psalms, Chapter 139, Verse 12: "...The night will light up like day."

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