Putting down roots in a new home is a moment that calls for celebration, and many of our pieces offer beautiful ways to express blessings or well-wishes for a new home. There is no one “traditional housewarming gift,” but we offer you our hand-picked selection of appropriate and meaningful gifts for the occasion.

Mezuzot are often the most visible sign of a Jewish home, and can create a warm and welcoming moment of connection every time they’re passed by.

Home blessings and hamsas are tangible expressions of your best wishes for joy, health, and peace in a new home.

Challah boards are a useful gift which conjures up hospitality, breaking bread, and sharing Shabbat and holiday meals in their new home. A challah cover adds an extra layer of beauty to the ritual and can be a reflection of that person’s taste and personality.

Honey and apple sets bring a taste of sweetness into a new home, and many of our pieces are functional works of art that can be displayed year-round.

Graphic art and sculptures can help decorate and beautify a new home.

Other gift ideas include hand-made Shabbat candles from Safed, Shabbat candlesticks, havdalah sets, or tzedakah boxes.

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