A person’s conversion to Judaism often comes after a great deal of soul-searching and study, and it’s customary to give them a gift to celebrate and welcome them to the community. There is no one “traditional conversion gift,” but we offer you our hand-picked selection of appropriate and meaningful gifts for the occasion.


Mezuzot are often the most visible sign of a Jewish home, and can create a warm and welcoming moment of connection every time they’re passed by.

Necklaces and other jewelry can be reminders of their new faith community that they can wear close to their heart. There are a wide range of options, from Stars of David to hamsas, chais to words of blessing.

Candlesticks can help someone welcome in Shabbat, the cornerstone of Jewish time. They can often become heirlooms to be passed on for generations.

Challah boards are a useful gift which conjures up hospitality, breaking bread, and sharing in many years of Shabbat and holiday meals. A challah cover adds an extra layer of beauty to the ritual and can be a reflection of that person’s taste and personality.

Menorahs and seder plates give folks a sweet and beautiful way to celebrate the holidays for years to come. Many of these pieces are so lovely, they’ll want to display them year-round.

Tzedakah boxes give the gift of giving and are reminders of the Jewish value of generosity.

Our Jewish bookshelf is filled with excellent and timeless resources for those at the beginning or decades into their Jewish journey.

Many pieces of graphic art make excellent gifts, helping Jews-by-choice connect to the culture through meaningful and beautiful art. Art based on text can deliver an especially inspiring message.


This is just the beginning! Many ritual and gift items in our drop-down menu above would make excellent gifts to help a recent convert stock their Jewish home for celebrations throughout the year.

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