Teacher’s Prayer Print, Framed, Monkey and Unicorn Design

Product Code: TP-1

$109.00 USD

Thank a teacher who changed your life with this thoughtful print. Depicting a monkey teaching a unicorn, this whimsical piece of art will bring joy to any teacher’s classroom or home. Without any specifically Judaic symbols, this print can serve as a gift for a teacher at both secular and religious schools. A pioneer in Jewish art, Mickie Caspi has been working in the Boston area for over thirty-five years and has gained a worldwide following.

  • Approximately 11’’ x 15’’ x 2’’
  • Gold frame with grape mat
  • Heading reads: “Knowledge is immense. The mind can extend infinitely. Learning is a lifelong endeavor of the highest order.”
  • Prayer reads: “May my love for teaching continually inspire me to enrich and develop my skills. May I be patient and steadfast as I apply myself to my profession. May I have the strength of heart, the purpose of mind, and the gentleness of soul to educate, nurture and guide those in my care. May the daily challenges I face become opportunities for personal growth. As I share my knowledge and experience, may I remain open to continually learn from my students.”

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