Tallit Set, Wool, B’nai Or Style

Product Code: TBO-36-Blues

$195.00 USD

This decorative wool tallit upholds the traditions of our ancestors. The classic white background comes with an array of colored stripes. Kosher tzitzit adorn each corner, with the tablets of the ten commandments in an embroidered accent. The white atarah is embroidered with the Hebrew prayer for putting on a tallit.

The B’nai Or spectrum of light design was created by Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (z"l) to embody the midrash that G-d created the world wrapped in a robe of light. Today, it is a popular choice for its color and personality as much as for its mystical symbolism.

This tallit comes with a choice of sizes and styles. The more modern shawl style places all four tzitzit in the front of the body, while the more traditional "flip" style keeps two tzitzit in front and two in back. Both styles are kosher, so please use your personal preference when choosing. If ordering a "flip" style tallit for a still-growing bar or bat mitzvah, we recommend ordering a size that reflects their anticipated adult stature. Sizing details are in the bullet points below.

  • Comes with choice of rainbow, blues, grays and silver, or maroon with gray and gold.
  • Size 18 is the standard shawl style and measures 18 x 72 inches. This is the most popular shawl size.
  • Sizes 24, 28, and 36 are the larger shawl styles and measure 24 x 72 inches, 28 x 72 inches, and 36 x 72 inches respectively.
  • Sizes 45 and 50 are small versions of the traditional "flip" style of tallit and measure 43 x 64 inches and 47 x 67 inches respectively.
  • Sizes 55 and 60 are medium versions of the traditional "flip" style of tallit and measure 51 x 72 inches and 55 x 72 inches respectively. These are the most popular flip sizes.
  • Sizes 70 and 80 are large versions of the traditional "flip" style of tallit and measure 60 x 72 inches and 67 x 72 inches respectively. These sizes are recommended for taller individuals.

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