Tallit Set, 54 Portions of the Torah, Blue and Gray Stripes, Polyester, 18 x 72”

Product Code: PD-54-B

$288.00 USD

The Torah is made of fifty-four chapters, read weekly in increments of one or two on the Sabbath. During a Jewish coming of age ceremony, the bar or bat mitzvah has the tremendous opportunity to chant some or all of the weekly Torah portion before their synagogue congregation. What better way to embody the reverence for this ritual than to wear a prayer shawl displaying each portion of the Torah itself? The names of each Torah portion descends in Matrix-esque vertical columns. The matching tallit bag included with this tallit is decorated with the names of the Five Books of the Torah, the Hebrew names for Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

  • 18” x 72”
  • Polyester with applique
  • The atarah (neckband) is decorated with the text of the Hebrew blessing for donning a tallit
  • Made in the USA

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