Rakefet Ketubah

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$349.00 USD

Artist Mickie Caspi draws inspiration from both the Israeli and American design landscapes to create striking ketubahs that fuse traditional themes with clean, contemporary illustration. Caspi’s signature style blends Persian illumination, art deco motifs, and intricate botanical watercolors inspired by her own garden in Newton, Massachusetts. This unique vertical design showcases the artist’s passion for delicate watercolor techniques. The rakefet was chosen by Caspi because it is the flower that blossoms at the start of spring in israel, and is the perfect symbol of fresh starts and beginnings. Using soft pinks, greens, and browns, Caspi uses washes of color to bring each petal and leaf to life. Her artistry extends to the phrases, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine" and “I have found the one in whom my soul delights" in gorgeous watercolor calligraphy, drawing attention to the text and bringing the handmade and personal to the traditional document.

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  • Ketubah measures approximately 14.5" x 25"
  • To avoid potential rush fees, we recommend ordering this ketubah at least 1 week before the wedding.
  • Please include the names of both partners and the date of the wedding in the notes field below.
  • The texts available with this ketubah are listed in the drop-down menu below. To read through the texts, click here.

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