Priestly Blessing, Embossed Brass, Copper, and Aluminum, Framed

Product Code: 21757

$440.00 USD

Beautiful Hebrew and English calligraphy of the Priestly Blessing surround embossed brass, copper, and aluminum in this stunning piece of art. The lovingly embossed metals depict the traditional hand positions of the Kohanim while giving the Priestly Blessing. While famed artist Gad Almaliah is no longer with us, his designs live on and are produced by his wife, Joan.

  • Approximately 14’’ x 20’’
  • The frame and mat are selected by the artist.
  • Each piece is hand-embossed for unique texture
  • Hebrew is the Priestly Benediction found in Numbers 6:23–27
  • English translation reads: “May G-d bless you and keep you, may G-d’s presence shine upon you and be gracious to you, may G-d’s presence be with you and give you peace.”

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