Perfections-Green Ketubah

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Originally from England, artist Archie Granot settled in Jerusalem in 1978 and created his first papercut shortly thereafter. Granot sites the city of Jerusalem as his greatest inspiration and often incorporates Jewish text as an unexpected element in his designs. The Perfections Green Ketubah is resplendent with layers of color, line, and meaning. The striking round design stands out on parchment paper in shades of olive green and burgundy. Complex line-work creates a frame around the center text, suggesting the complexity of two lives joining while still creating a circle of perfection.

The texts that surrounds the ketubah read: "...and when I went out towards you, I found you coming towards me ...ever since you were the home of love for me, my love has lived where you have lived." (R. Yehuda Halevi - Love Poems) and "Where perfection exists happiness is blessed; and there is no greater perfection than the marriage of bride and groom." (Maharal of Prague) This is a limited edition print of an original papercut.

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  • Ketubah measures approximately 16.75" x 16.75"
  • To avoid potential rush fees, we recommend ordering this ketubah at least 4 weeks before the wedding.
  • Please include the names of both partners and the date of the wedding in the notes field below.
  • The texts available with this ketubah are listed in the drop-down menu below. To read through the texts, click here.

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