Nosh on This: Gluten-Free Baking from a Jewish-American Kitchen, pb

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by Lisa Standel-Horel and Tim Standel-Horel, forward by Arthur Schwartz

“No cookie, strudel, brownie, pie, cake, tart, or treat left behind.”

This is the promise Lisa Stander-Horel made when her family went gluten-free more than a decade ago. Now Nosh on This presents more than 100 gluten-free recipes inspired by the classics Lisa grew up helping her mother make ― and the bakery and store-bought favorites she and her family missed the most. Here are Mom’s Marble Chiffon Cake, Black & White Cookies, O’Figginz Bars, and classic holiday treats including Macaroons, Hamantashen, and Big Fat Baked Sufganiyah Jelly Donuts. Bring the nosh back into your life with baked goods that have all the textures and tastes you remember and crave!

Published in 2013
  • Paperback
  • Approximately 7.2’’ x 9.1’’, 0.6’’ thick, 288 pages
  • Full color throughout
  • A cookbook to widen the world of gluten-free baking

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