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Necklace, "Anything is Possible" in Hebrew, Sterling Silver with Texture Imprinted From The Kotel

Product Code: HWN5L

$96.00 USD

Keep a motivational memento of the Kotel HaMaaravi close to your heart with this sophisticated pendant, textured with an imprint of the holy Western Wall in Jerusalem. Worn alone or paired with other pieces, this necklace proclaims in Hebrew that “Anything is Possible!” So many moments in Jewish life involve stepping into an unfamiliar place – whether it’s a journey through the desert, becoming b’nei mitzvah, or joining the tribe for the first time. What better way to remind oneself to reach for the stars?

  • Imprinted with texture from the Western Wall
  • Pendant size: 5/8" (16mm)
  • Chain Length 16" (42cm)