Mezuzah, Hammered Sleek Design, Nickel Plate, 6"

Product Code: 175918

$72.00 USD

Designed by Michael Aram—one of the most trusted names in Judaica—this elegant mezuzah will bring blessings of grace to any home. The distinct hammered texture is eye-catchingly modern, the perfect contrast to the ancient tradition of affixing a mezuzah to the doorways of one's home. "While the immediate narrative in this motif is not as obvious as most of my work, it has just as much meaning," says Aram of this design. "This texture speaks to me of everything I love about Indian hand with the presence of the maker's hand, complex and beautiful, and highly symbolic of human endeavor."

  • Nickel plate
  • Approximately 6" long
  • For a kosher mezuzah scroll click here

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