Mezuzah, Golden Wisteria Design, Nickel Plate and Goldtone

Product Code: 123312

$60.00 USD

Designed by Michael Aram—one of the most trusted names in Judaica—this elegant mezuzah curves above the rest. The simplicity of its nickel plate base is beautifully complemented by gold-toned vines that weave their way upwards, calling down blessings into the home. On his inspiration, Aram says that, to him, vines are a symbol of love that "grows together, with grace, strength, and vitality." This mezuzah gorgeously balances masculine and feminine energies, and is perfect for those who value close ties and togetherness, making it a thoughtful gift for weddings and housewarmings.

  • Approximately 4.25" x 1.25"
  • Nickel plate and goldtone
  • Includes nails for easy installation
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