Lazy Susan, Keeping Traditions, 18"

Product Code: LZY020S-21

$186.00 USD

This beautiful Lazy Susan aptly represents the cyclical nature of the Jewish year and the integral elements of celebrated tradition throughout. The kiddush cup, challah, and pair of candlesticks are integral parts of many Shabbat and yom tov feasts. The Jewish home and the synagogue are both regarded as mikdashei me'at (miniature Temples) where Jews can take part in traditions. The Torah and its allegorical counterpart, the Tree of Life are also ever-present in the Jewish cycle of life.

  • Approximately 18"
  • Original design printed on wood with polyurethane finish
  • Clean with soap and water, avoid prolonged exposure to moisture
  • Not intended for use as a trivet or cutting board

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