Hug-It-Out, a Lil Haggadah for Kids

Product Code: HugHagg

$25.00 USD

by Pearl and Maxie Richman

Hug-It-Out is a wonderful, vibrantly illustrated companion Haggadah for kids! It follows two adventurous characters - Annie and Arnie - as they prepare, enjoy, and sing their way through their Passover Seder! Page for page with the Haggadah Collective, Hug-It-Out is anchored by a strong commitment to tradition, with an infusion of inclusivity, kindness, and acceptance. With the same emphasis on social justice issues and spirituality found in The Haggadah Collective, your kids will explore the same magic that happens when tradition is met with expanded ideas of diversity and empathy.

This unique, child-centred approach makes for an inclusive and engaging Passover Seder experience where everyone ( literally) is on the same page!

  • Approximately 8" x 0.25" x 8"
  • Paperback

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