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Hamsa without Writing, Hand-Painted Wood, 7.8”, #6

Product Code: hm004wo-6

$105.00 USD

This exquisite, hand-painted hamsa is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. The artist takes influence from both Azerbaijani and Israeli styles, creating bold and unique patterns. This floral pomegranate hamsa is red, green, and navy, with cream and gold accents. Outlines of gold filigree bring the finishing touch and perfectly tie together the color palette. Hamsas are ancient symbols of protection making this piece an excellent gift for housewarmings, gratitude, conversions, and just about any special occasion or celebration of a loved one.

  • Hand-painted wood 
  • Approximately 7.8” tall
  • Includes a hook on the back for wall-mounting
  • Made in Israel