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Hamsa for the Wall with Hebrew House Blessing, Tree of Life Design, Copper with Beads

Product Code: ae-hb-hamsa-tol-heb

$136.00 USD

Sanctify your home with this gorgeous copper hamsa, a symbol which has long been invoked for protection and blessing. Shaping and cutting this piece by hand, the artist also brought out the natural beauty of the copper in this wall hanging by exposing various shades through heating and cooling. The blessing for the home is framed with a tree of life, shining with crystal birds and beads. Handcrafted in Israel, this piece makes an ideal housewarming gift.

  • Approximately 5’’ x 8’’, including all hanging elements
  • Text translates to: “A Home Blessing: May this home be blessed with the blessings of heaven, and may it be like a tree rooted by a stream of water. May serenity dwell in it, and may love flow in it like the sea.”