Challah Board, Hand-Painted Wood with Glass Top, Green, Aqua, and Blue, One-Of-A-Kind

Product Code: cb004-22

$315.00 USD

This stunning, one-of-a-kind challah board is intricately adorned with flowers, vines, and filigree in rich tones of green, aqua, and blue. Hebrew words in the center of the piece read Hamotzi lechem min ha’aretz— the closing words of the blessing over bread. The artist’s roots in Azerbaijan and Israel are reflected in the colors and painting technique on her exquisite pieces. This challah board is hand-painted in Israel by an artist who specializes in sculpting and painting on papier-mâché and wood. The artist strives to hire survivors of breast cancer and their loved ones. Made in Israel.

  • Approximately 15" x 11.5"
  • Hand-painted wood with glass top
  • Clean glass top with damp cloth; avoid submerging the wood in water
  • A one-of-a-kind piece of functional art for any occasion

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