An Illumination of Blessings

Product Code: 9780692271759

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by Ilene Winn-Leaderer

An Illumination of Blessings is a unique visual interpretation of 36 universal blessings; an artistic legacy for generations to come. This richly colorful book features Ilene Winn-Leaderer’s original illustrations and calligraphy in a unique interpretation blessings to help the reader focus on their physical and spiritual well-being in the context of their relationship with the Source of all life. More specifically, they address the details of daily life, life-cycle events, the foods we eat and the natural phenomena of our world. In Winn-Leaderer’s book, the thirty-six blessings and one psalm are arranged in six categories: Life, Sustenance, Journeys, Sight, Wisdom, and Peace.

Although the words of the blessings appear in Hebrew and in English, this book is not only for those who practice Judaism. Because these blessings are universal in nature, they speak to most aspects of daily life, inspiring ideas and actions meant to benefit us all.

  • Published in 2014
  • Paperback
  • Approximately 8’ ’x 10’’, 0.5’’ thick, 106 pages
  • Full color throughout
  • A stunning wedding gift, birthday present, or personal source of inspiration