Carrying the Talis, Bronze Sculpture on Marble Base, 7’’, Limited Edition of 18 Pieces

Product Code: 23904

$900.00 USD

Bring a piece of Israel into your home with this delightful sculpture. In this piece two ultra orthodox men walk down the street, conversing and holding embroidered talitot bags. The rough quality of the bronze and the ambiguity it lends to the figure shown allows the observer’s imagination to fill in smaller details. Nancy Schön is a world renowned artist, well known in the Boston area for her “Make Way for Ducklings” sculpture that has been a cherished part of the Boston landscape for over 20 years. This piece is part of Nancy Schön’s line of sculptures inspired by her year in Jerusalem.

  • Approximately 4’’ x 7’’ x 6’’
  • Kolbo exclusive

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