Aviv Ketubah

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$580.00 USD

Danny Azoulay is a Jerusalem artist with a passion for creating high-design papercut ketubahs that both honor the past and carry meaning and tradition into the future. He calls the ketubah “a couple’s first family heirloom" and is mindful of this responsibility as he creates beautiful, architectural pieces to grace the home for years to come. This ketubah stands out from among Azoulay’s designs for its detailed brushwork, soft pink and purple cherry blossom branches, olive leaves, and calligraphic flourishes. Its striking round silhouette is accented with the Hebrew phrase, “Ani l’dodi v’dodi li (I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine)" rendered in gold leaf. Reminiscent of a new, fresh season, this ketubah is a beautiful tribute to the new beginning that starts under the chuppah.

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  • Ketubah measures approximately 15.75’’ x 15.75’’
  • To avoid potential rush fees, we recommend ordering this ketubah at least 8 weeks before the wedding.
  • Please include the names of both partners and the date of the wedding in the notes field below.
  • The texts available with this ketubah are listed in the drop-down menu below. This artist's name is Danny Azoulay — To read through the texts, click here.

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