Tallit Set, 39 Books of the Bible, Bright Blue Leaves on Blue Striping, Polyester, 18 x 72”

Product Code: PD-39-B

$288.00 USD

The Jewish Bible / Tanakh is divided into 39 books, from the Five Books of Moses to the later writings of prophets. In strikingly bold blue lettering set against a backdrop of vibrant, colorful leaves, the names of each book is printed. On a day such as one’s b’nai mitzvah ceremony, what better way to show they embrace the books of their heritage than such a Torah-themed tallit?

  • 18” x 72”
  • Polyester with applique
  • The atarah (neckband) is decorated with the text of the Hebrew blessing for donning a tallit
  • Made in the USA

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