Boy Blessing Print, Framed, Larger Size

Product Code: BB-2

$129.00 USD

This loving print is filled with symbols of Jewish history and identity. In the center of this print is the Hebrew blessing said over sons, as well as its English translation. This print is also a wonderful teaching tool, with the names of all the major holidays displayed next to their respective lunar and secular calendar months. A pioneer in Jewish art, Mickie Caspi has been working in the Boston area for over thirty-five years and has gained a worldwide following. Full of joyful hearts, stars, and flowers, this print is a wonderful addition to your young child’s room. An exceptionally good gift for expecting parents.

  • Approximately 18’’ x 18’’ x 2’’
  • White frame with light blue mat
  • English text within star reads: “A special little boy.”
  • English text of blessing reads: “May you grow up to be like Ephraim and Menasseh. May the Eternal One bless you and protect you. May the Eternal One’s gentle kindness shine upon you and grant you peace.”

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