Tree of Life for the Wall, Tikkun Olam Design, Pewter on Spalted Maple

Product Code: ertp

$96.00 USD

This piece contains two themes central to Jewish tradition: tikkun olam and the tree of life. Tikkun olam is the idea that it is our responsibility as human beings to actively repair the world, while the tree of life symbolizes the importance of community and the study of Torah. In this compelling piece, the tree is firmly rooted in the Hebrew word for compassion, further emphasizing our personal responsibility to the world and to one another. The roughness of the pewter complements the natural grain of the wood, giving this piece a distinctly rustic appearance. Designed and handcrafted in New England, this piece makes a particularly thoughtful housewarming gift.

  • Hang indoors
  • Natural variations in grain and color of the wood makes each piece unique
  • Approximately 5.5’’ x 4’’

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