Jubal, Unframed

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$200.00 USD

In this eye-catching silk-screened print, local artist Beatrice Wool captures the joy of the Jubilee (Yovel). In the year following the 49-year cycle of shmitah (harvest sabbatical) practiced by ancient Israelites, the people would celebrate the bounties of their new harvests. It was also regarded as a time of good fortune; debts would be forgiven and indentured servants freed. There was much cause for celebration all around, accompanied by song and dance. As such, this piece makes a great gift for cantors and lovers of music!

For many years, Beatrice Wool balanced family life with honing her artistic skills. She ultimately found her favorite medium in silk screening. Her Judaica-oriented artwork frequently depicts Biblical stories and personalities, scenes in the Holy Land, and the Jewish holidays. Though Wool passed on in 2012, she lives on in her art.

  • Approximately 22" x 17"
  • Silk screen art print
  • Unframed


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