Jonah, Gold, Unframed

Product Code: bwjgunfr

$150.00 USD

Beatrice Wool's stunning silk screen design comes to life in bold hues, depicting the tale of Jonah, a man swallowed by a gigantic fish. Elements from the prophet's tale are represented all throughout the print, from the city of Nineveh he avoided to the trees under which Jonah sought shelter on his journey.

For many years, Boston-based artist Beatrice Wool balanced family life with honing her artistic skills. She ultimately found her favorite medium in silk screening. Her Judaica-oriented artwork frequently depicts Biblical stories and personalities, scenes in the Holy Land, and the Jewish holidays. Though Wool passed on in 2012, she lives on in her art.

  • Approximately 22" x 17"
  • Unframed print

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