Ten Ideas for Inspired Chanukah Gifts

December 02, 2016

At a loss trying to find the perfect gift? Chanukah will be here before you know it, and Kolbo is ready to help with artisan gifts for your friends and family. Check out these top ten gift ideas carefully selected by Kolbo’s seasoned art buyer. Need more inspiration? Check out the rest of our selection at www.kolbo.com

1. Beaded Copper Wall Art

Ordering by phone? This product code is ae-3ss-ham-tol-pom

Hand-tooled copper is crafted into three stunning symbols of blessing and beauty in this Israeli wall hanging.

Best for: Your family member or friend with a beautiful house, this piece pairs well with warm colors.

Wall Art, Copper with Beading, Tree of Life, Hamsa, and Pomegranate Design, Three 2’’ x 2’’ Squares – $146

2. Infinity Scarf Necklaces

Ordering by phone? This product code is sa-scarf

An incredible example of Israeli fashion, these multi-strand infinity scarves are versatile, fun, and eye-catching. Each one is unique; call the store to find out what colors and designs are in stock.

Best for: Your funky aunt or favorite artist

Scarf, Multi-Strand Infinity Design, Soft Material and Hand-Made Pin  – $64

3. Stackable Anodized Aluminum Menorah

Ordering by phone? These product codes are mn-00.

This multicolored menorah stacks up to travel, making this a perfect, playful gift. It can also be stacked into Shabbat candlesticks! Available in a variety of colors.

Best for: Nephews and nieces, sons and daughters. This piece is a great gift for an upcoming bar or bat mitzvah!

Menorah, stacking design, anodized aluminum – $110

4. High Fashion Israeli Jewelry

Ordering by phone? These product codes are: Bronze Purple Green – 01111239-h | Turquoise, Teal, and Green – 01111231)

With patterns and colors for every palate, these Ayala Bar earrings dazzle and intrigue. Coming into the store? Don’t forget to pick up a matching necklace!

Best for: Your fashion conscious sister who knows the value of name brands.

Earrings, Bronze, Purple, and Green Beading, on Wire – $74

Earrings, Turquoise, Teal, and Green Large Cascade, on Posts -$98

Check out our other Israeli-made fashion jewelry here

5. Sliding Anodized Aluminum Travel Menorah

Ordering by phone? These product codes are as054

A creative and compact travel menorah to bring the celebration wherever you go. Available in a variety of colors.

Best for: Current or future college students! Portable and durable enough to endure a dorm room

Menorah, Sliding Travel Style, Rectangular, Dark Blue and Grey Anodized Aluminum – $96

6. Illuminated Ani L’Dodi V’Dodi Li

Ordering over the phone? This product code is kg-beloved-mii

Celebrate your love with this sweet, miniature work of art. Hand-painted and beautifully framed.

Best for: A husband or wife who appreciates fine art

I Am My Beloved’s, Mini, Hand-Painted, 6” x 6” Framed – $98

7. Enameled Brass Tree of Life Menorah

Ordering by phone? This product code is mn-41e

Whimsical and elegant, this Tree of Life menorah is a functional work of art.

Best for: Nature-loving friends and family members

Menorah, Tree of Life with Enamel Leaves, Brass and Copper – $170

8. Beautiful Locally Made Pottery

Ordering by phone? These product codes have a variety of codes. If you describe the product you are interested in, we can find the one you mean.

Support local artists with these hand-crafted, nature-kissed ceramic pieces. Each of these pieces are unique; call the store to see what’s in stock.

Best for: A friend or family member who appreciates a functional yet beautiful kitchen.

Interested in one of these beautiful works of art? Visit our store to find the perfect one! Prices vary by piece.

9. Colorful Precious and Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry

Ordering by phone? Product codes for these items are: Ruby Necklace – 4188g, Ruby Earrings – 4424-g, Multicolor Necklace – 4440g

Delicate and delectable, these pieces of jewelry feature precious and semi-precious stones, including ruby, moonstone, and rhodalite 

Best for: A woman who dresses with graceful elegance.

Earrings, small grey moonstones in square with ruby drop -$78
Necklace, multicolor ruby stones, single oval with rhodalite drop, 14k gold filled – $78

Necklace, small connected squares with multicolor stones, 18k gold filled – $186

10. Enameled Copper Dreidels

Ordering by phone? Product codes are: Blue Dreidel – dr501-mbl, Rainbow Dreidel – dr520-multi

Intricate floral designs hand-painted over sturdy brass make these dreidels fabulous and functional.

Best for: A young niece or nephew who is learning about Judaism

Dreidel, Wind Design, Painted Blue Enamel on Hand-Crafted Brass – $88

Dreidel, Flower Design, Painted Multicolor Enamel on Hand-Crafted Brass – $88

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