Staff Picks: Honey and Apple Set Roundup

September 15, 2019

Autumn is nearly here, and with that, the holiday season is upon us. We mean apple season, of course. Just kidding (mostly)! But Rosh Hashanah and apples do go hand in hand: During the Jewish New Year, we dip apples (and challah) in honey and wish each other “L’shanah Tova” to express our hopes for a sweet new year. We have the opportunity to open ourselves up to the possibility of the new, and to recognize the many, many sweetnesses that already surround us. 

Once we’ve gathered up our favorite apples (Tip: Don’t be afraid to branch out in your apple varieties! Mix and match sweet and tart, soft and crisp, to keep you and your guests coming back for more), what better way to enhance the excitement and wonder of the new year than with a shining new honey and apple set? Whether we’re having a small, intimate gathering of friends or a boisterous group of extended family, we deserve the opportunity to treat ourselves to gorgeously crafted ritual objects that will quickly become personal treasures.

Read on for sets hand-picked by your Kolbo staff (and a pretty sweet discount)!

Sparkly honey set with apples and pom

Honey and Apple Set, Glass with Colorful Apple and Pomegranate

Tess's Pick: I love this set because it is simple yet elegant! It is sure to bring in a sweet new year with a little extra sparkle on the side.





Mini red enamel honey dish

Honey Dish, Apple and Leaf Design in Pewter 

Becca’s Pick: I love this little red, enameled pewter honey pot set. It sits on a matching pewter leaf with a bright green enamel accent mirrored in the bowl's interior. There's something about its size, just under 4" in length which adds to the charm, a complete set, contained with the promise of a little sweetness for the New Year (or Shabbos). Two or three would be plenty for a gathering of 12 or more, though passing around even one gives your guests a chance to pause and be in the moment as they drizzle a few drops of honey onto an apple slice.

Honey set with hand painted bees

Honey Dish, "Wishing You Sweetness," Hand-Painted Ceramic 

Alana S.'s Pick: I absolutely love this apple and honey set because of the cheerful yellow background color and cute apple and bee paintings. It’s hard not to feel happy when looking at this beautiful and lively piece. This piece is perfect for all ages and will make your Rosh Hashanah celebration come to life.



Seafoam ceramic honey set

Honey And Apple Set, Celadon Green Medium Hand-Formed Ceramic Plate, Matching Bowl and Spoon

Eran’s Pick: This honey and apple set sparkles with subtle tones of seafoam and forest green. I love the thinness of the ceramic, and the ancient-looking letters for the word דבש - "honey."  Both of these factors recall to mind the clay urns that housed so many sacred Jewish texts—the Dead Sea Scrolls. When I use this set, I feel as if I'm partaking in an unbroken link of rich cultural tradition with my ancestors. Using this set enriches my holiday with a sense of the iridescent new and the storied past.

Blue ceramic honey set with leaves

Honey and Apple Set, Blue with Branches and Leaves, High Fired Pottery

Alec's Pick: This set is by one of my favorite artists and has their signature style of leaves and branches in gorgeous blues. Blue speaks to my soul and draws me out of my shell. Every time I look at these sets, I fall in love with both its artistry and its ritualistic symbolism. And I love that these pieces are one-of-a-kind—it reminds me how carefully selected each element is and makes them feel that much more special.


Turquoise glazed honey set

Honey and Apple Set, Rustic Pomegranate Design, Turquoise Glazed Ceramic

Alana BG’s Pick: I love the brightly colored aqua glaze and the pomegranate motif adds extra joy to this piece. I also like the size of the honey bowl, since we use generous portions of honey in my family :)




Patterned aqua honey set

Honey and Apple Set, Assorted Glass Patterns

Martin's Pick: I'm a practical thinker, and from my perspective, this honey and apple set is the best blend of beauty and practicality. It comes in two sizes, and several colors. My favorite color is the Dark Aqua, and I think the small size is perfect for my table at the High Holidays. The layered glass design makes for durability and easy cleanup.




No matter what we use to serve up and share our Rosh Hashanah apples and honey, let us try to take the time to savor the sweetness of this year as it arrives. From all of us at Kolbo, L’Shanah Tova!

Make sure to use the promo code STAFFSET15 for 15% off your online purchase of any of these honey and apple sets while supplies last!

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