Nonprofit Spotlight: Wine on the Vine

July 12, 2018


Shabbat Shalom! Kolbo Fine Judaica Gallery is proud to shine a spotlight on innovative Israeli non-profit Wine on the Vine. We sat down with Tatiana Hassan, the program’s director, to bring you the inside scoop on this incredible organization.

Can you give us a quick run down of what Wine on the Vine does?

Wine on the Vine is a grassroots-driven program, connecting people all over the globe with the innovative world of Israeli wine. By making donations of grapevines to Israeli wineries, people have a chance to develop a physical connection to the land of Israel. A portion of each donation goes to a number of Israeli charities that are doing crucial work here. We partner with elite wineries throughout the country, including Carmel, Psagot, Tabor, Tulip, and Gush Etzion as well as other Israeli NGOs. The goal is to create a way for people to support the Israeli economy in a way that is both meaningful and enjoyable.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

My favorite part is working on a project that offers a meaningful way to for me to connect my love for Israel, cutting-edge culture, wine, and the land. As a young Zionist Olah, I have had the opportunity to embrace my love for Israel and use my creative spirit and youthful energy to make a difference and be part of an incredible team of impressive, energetic and passionate individuals.

With previous work and volunteer experience, I’m able to articulate, connect and engage with people in my demographic in an exciting, yet meaningful and deep way.


Have you donated a vine from Wine on the Vine? What vineyards are they a part of?

I have donated several vines on behalf of friends and family for multiple occasions including weddings, birthdays, and memorials. Sometimes I diversify my vine donations and plant in Tulip and Yatir wineries, which make some of my favorite wine vintages.

How do you choose the charities and vineyards you work with?

Our selection of vineyards is based first and foremost on the qualifying characteristics and taste of the wine of which Adam Bellos, the Founder of Wine On The Vine, must approve. Additionally, we choose our wineries based on their people. They must have a unique story. They need to appreciate and understand the importance of sharing Israeli wine with the global community and connecting people to Israel and Zionism through wine.


We choose our charities based on impact, efficiency and transparency. Our vision is a world where contemporary Israeli culture achieves global success. We believe Israeli culture will provide a source of common identity for the Jewish Diaspora and a means for people of all backgrounds to connect with Israel, regardless of religious identity and political orientation. That said, we ensure that our partner charities speak to everyone, and therefore hit a broad range of areas, including, but not limited to, at-risk youth, women, Israeli-Palestinian relations, and many more.

Interested in learning more or donating a vine? You can visit Wine on the Vine here.

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