Kolbo’s Top 7 Kiddush Cup Recommendations

July 11, 2018

A stunning kiddush cup helps turn a moment of ritual into a beautiful experience. Used for Shabbat and holiday blessings over wine, kiddush cups are important elements in a Jewish home. Today we’re bringing you Kolbo’s top seven kiddush cups, each of which makes a great gift for a bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, or housewarming. Feast your eyes and your senses on these handcrafted pieces in a range of prices, styles, and materials. Whether gracing your Shabbat or holiday table or held in your hand, these can bring your family joy for years to come.

Gold kiddush cup with pomegranate design and saucer1.Golden Pomegranate Kiddush Cup | $165  Bring one of the seven species of Israel into your home with this beautiful kiddush cup and tray adorned with pomegranates and their leaves. The brushed, gold-colored handle will fit comfortably in your hand, while the red of the pomegranates will highlight any red wine used for kiddush.

This kiddush cup makes an excellent gift for foodies during a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, conversion, or wedding.



painted blue and green glass kiddush cup2. Tree and Water Kiddush Cup | $49

This elegant glass kiddush cup brings a dash of color to Shabbat and festivals. The cup is hand-painted in vibrant tones of blues and greens and adorned with a minimalistic tree of life design.

The east-coast artist who creates this unique design hand-paints each piece and permanently fuses the designs to the glass using kiln-heating for a food-safe piece that you can enjoy for many years to come.


Pewter kiddush cup engraved with words of kiddush3. Pyramid Kiddush Cup with Prayer Finish | $275

A modern take on an ancient ritual, this pewter kiddush cup honors the words of the blessing over wine. The Hebrew prayer over wine is embossed into the antiqued pewter. A refreshing play on shapes, a square lip sits atop a pyramid-shaped cup, held up by strong squares and rectangles.

Stylish yet sensible, the sturdy pewter of this cup will not tarnish. This piece is handmade in the United States.


sterling enamel-min4.  Silver and Enamel Stemless Design | $260

Give a future family heirloom with this sterling silver kiddush cup, which blends a traditional design with modern Israeli artistry. This stemless cup bears the Hebrew words of the blessing for wine over a blue enamel finish by its base.

This cup makes an exceptional gift for a bar or bat mitzvah, wedding, or conversion. It is made in Israel and can be engraved to commemorate a special occasion.


5. Cloud DesKiddush cup with gold baseign Kiddush Cup | $110

Add an air of contemporary elegance to your Shabbat table with this stainless steel kiddush cup. A smooth, sleek cup is held up by a brushed gold-plated base, detailed with intricate swirls and lacey cut-outs. Its two-toned effect is eye-catching yet subtle.

The design of the base is reminiscent of both clouds and water, making it a perfect Miriam’s Cup in addition to a Kiddush Cup.


Ceramic kiddush cup with patina glaze6. Ceramic Patina Style Kiddush Cup | $52

Whether on Shabbat or a holiday, this rustic ceramic kiddush cup serves as a vessel for your glass of wine. Hebrew imprinting adds visual interest to the piece with the second half of the blessing over wine.

This kiddush cup makes an excellent gift for weddings and anniversaries; it was crafted by a husband and wife team who have been creating Jewish pottery for over thirty years.


sterling silver kiddush cup filigree base7. Filigree Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup | $355

This exquisite kiddush cup is a graceful display of the artistry of a master silversmith. The sleek sterling silver of the bowl draws the eye to the stem’s intricate, swirling filigree — the highlight of the piece. This delicately crafted piece is sure to become a family heirloom.

This Israeli-made piece can be engraved as a gift for a wedding, conversion or bar or bat mitzvah.

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