Kolbo’s Top 10 Ketubah Recommendations

January 14, 2018

As your wedding approaches you may be feeling overwhelmed by the variety of ketubah options available to you. Here at Kolbo, we have hundreds of designs to choose from; If you need some guidance, check out our top 10 ketubahs!

10. Song of Love by Mickie Caspi
“My beloved raised his voice and said to me, ‘Arise, my beloved, my fair one, and come away.
For behold, the winter has passed; the rain is over and gone.”
-Song of Solomon 2:10-11, and transcribed around the ketubah’s outer ring

Song of Love Ketubah Mickie Caspie

Give a shout, your day is here! Intricate vines caress a meaningful quote from Song of Solomon, rejoicing in the end of Winter and the blooming flowers of Spring. Turtle doves, additional quotes, and new flowers fill out the remaining space of this Persian-inspired ketubah.

9. Pomegranate by Stephanie Caplan
“We promise to support and encourage each other as we strive, individually and together, to fulfill the hopes and promises of our lives, and above all to do everything within our power to permit each of us to become the persons we are yet to be.”
-Stephanie Caplan, Reform Ketubah Text

pomegranates by stephanie caplan

Vibrant leaves and beautiful, ripe pomegranates grow within this simple and stunning ketubah. The fruit and leaves gracefully frame one of the inspirational and poignant texts written by Stephanie Caplan.

8. Intertwining Trees by Miriam Karp
“We desire our lives to be intertwined forever and our love to be eternal.”
-Miriam Karp, Equal Partners Text

Intertwining Trees

By the time of your wedding you have grown together as a couple, supported each other, and learned to live in the shelter of each other’s branches. Declare your love with this humble and genuine ketubah as you continue to grow into the life you have made.

7. Spring by Amalya Nini
“The groom and bride have promised each other to strive throughout their lives together to achieve an openness which will enable them to share their thoughts, their feelings and their experiences, to be sensitive at all times to each other’s needs.”
-Amalya Nini Conservative Text

Spring Ketubah

A riot of springtime colors lends a joyful warmth to this ketubah by papercut master Amalya Nini. Add a pop of color to the exciting life you have ahead with roses, poppies, blue delphiniums, and a bevy of other summertime blooms. Life is full of flowers, each and every one a miracle.

6. Chamsa 2 by Nava Shoham
“We will comfort and challenge each other through life’s sorrow and joy, being each other’s allies in individual healing, Tikun Hanefesh, and in the healing of the planet, Tikun Olam. We will build a home open to the spiritual potential in all, and live in harmony with the energy of the universe.”
-Nava Shoham, Reform Text #2

chamsa 2 by Nava Shoham

This ketubah is packed full of Jewish symbols and mystical imagery, grown out of the text itself. A hamsa, a protective symbol used across the Middle East, is decorated with dancers, roots, and an explosion of wild growth. The more you look, the more there is to discover in this brilliant work of art.

5. Trees of Life III, Silver by Betsy Platkin Teutsch
“With our hearts full, we stand together under the chuppah, linking the past to the future, uniting our lives as we enter into a covenant of marriage.”
-Besty Platkin Teutsch, Interfaith 1 Text

trees of life 3

Begin your new life together with resilience and deeply rooted commitment. The soft silver tones of this ketubah evoke the supple birch trees of the artist’s North Dakota home. Pair this elegant art piece with our birch chuppah frame for a matching set.

4. Devotion II by Cindy Michaels
“I promise to stand by you always; to be joy to your heart and food to your soul; to bring out the best in you always, and for you, to the the most that I can be; to laugh with you in the good times and struggle through life’s challenges.”
-Cindy Michaels, Orthodox with English

devotion 2

There are always things that keep us apart, be it work or distance or the simple craziness of life. It is your devotion to each other that has seen you through to this day, and devotion that will hold you together in your marriage. Celebrate your commitment with this beautiful papercut ketubah, featuring a hamsa, a symbol of protection in Judaism. This piece can be ordered with a large variety of background colors.

3. Moroccan Blues by Orly Lauffer
“The groom and bride vowed to create a Jewish home filled with love, Torah, and acts of kindness.”
― Orly Lauffer Egalitarian Text

moroccan blues

Stunning jewel-toned flowers and delicate Moroccan inspired line work grace a central temple-like alcove in this lavish ketubah. Sultry vines encircle a meaningful Orly Lauffer text of your choice.

2. One Heart by Amy Fagin
“They promise to foster strength and unity in their marriage by loving and respecting each other always, by offering insight and affection freely and by recognizing and meeting each other’s worldly and spiritual needs.
― Amy Fagin Modern Hebrew and English Text

one heart
Sweet and intimate, this watercolor ketubah brings two parts into a single interwoven whole. Just like the lives you have woven together, the soft colors and gentle embrace that grace this ketubah are the perfect pairing. Look over the second edition of this ketubah with a different color scheme and intricate paisley designs.

1. Azure by Danny Azoulay
“Today, we venture forth knowing that our union strengthens and elevates us, and we will be more compassionate and better people for it.”
-Danny Azoulay Egalitarian Hebrew Text

Azure Ketubah by Danny Azoulay

Like a stroll on a snowy winter day, this gorgeous ketubah features the jewel-like azure of a clear winter sky and the brilliant white of fresh morning snow. Intricate hand-cut paper drapes over a stunning blue background, and two deer sleep soundly at the ketubah’s head.


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