Kolbo’s 40th Anniversary Charity Raffle

October 17, 2018

IMG_9324As Kolbo celebrates 40 years of providing Jewish art and gifts, we’re hoping to rally our community in support of those engaging in Tikkun Olam. Click the links below to purchase tickets to a charity raffle in support of two amazing nonprofits, Yad Chessed and Keshet. The winner will receive four incredible 9th-row seats to a 2019 Red Sox game!

|   1 ticket for $10   |   3 tickets for $25   |

|   8 tickets for $50   |   20 tickets for $100   |

yad chessed logoYad Chessed is the largest emergency cash assistance agency serving Jewish individuals and families in New England. They partner closely with both secular and Jewish social service agencies to help their clients. For many of them, the help from Yad Chessed is simply the difference between making it or not.

There is no one profile of a Yad Chessed client. Their clients are young and old and from all denominations and backgrounds. Their clients share only two commonalities: they are Jewish and they are struggling financially.

To learn more, support their work, or get financial assistance, visit www.yadchessed.org

downloadKeshet is a national organization, locally headquartered in Boston, that works for full LGBTQ equality and inclusion in Jewish life. Led and supported by LGBTQ Jews and straight allies, Keshet cultivates the spirit and practice of inclusion in all parts of the Jewish community.

Their work is guided by a vision of a world where all Jewish organizations and communities are strengthened by LGBTQ-inclusive policy, programming, culture and leadership, and where Jews of all sexual orientations and gender identities can live fully integrated Jewish lives.

To learn more, browse resources, and support their work, visit www.keshetonline.org

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