Chanukah Gift Guide 2017

November 13, 2017

Chanukah Sameach! As the cold begins to set in, warm your spirit with these incredible gifts! Below you will find a selection of our favorite things to give, recommended for our favorite customers (hint: that’s you!) Find the perfect present for a family member, friend, or yourself! It’s never too early, or too late, to get into the Chanukah spirit!

A gentle blue vase with pristine sand, these unique pieces are blown by hand with the wistful longing of an artist who can’t wait to return to Israel. After these vases are finished, they are rolled in sand from the shores of the Mediterranean and the Sea of Galilee, or from the dunes of the Negev.

Perfect for: An Israeli friend who misses their home, or a friend who is deeply connected to their Jewish roots.



Nothing blends the fun of a children’s game with the symbolism of a pomegranate quite like this pewter dreidel. Beautifully balanced for a perfect spin each time, this piece is a functional, beautiful, and a whimsical design that any recipient will love.

Perfect for: A collector of dreidels or pomegranates, or someone who appreciates an interesting design.



jc necklace-min

Agate Necklace – $138

This stunning necklace features six different types of agate, each one lovingly set in its rhodium bezel by a local artist, originally from South Africa. Each piece designed by this artist is one-of-a-kind, so be sure to pick this one up before it’s gone!

Perfect for: The women in your life with grace and poise; or a gift to purchase for yourself!



The hamsa is a symbol that is sacred not only to Jews, but also to Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus. These coasters feature a beautiful Hamsa design in four different colors.

Perfect for: A friend of a different faith who you want to show appreciation for, or a Jewish friend who loves this timeless symbol.

Be sure to check out this artist’s Season’s coasters, Pomegranate coasters, and Yoga coasters – each set is $52


Moose Menorah – $220

What a unique piece! This winsome menorah is dressed up with stage paint normally reserved for theater sets, and has lumbered down all the way from the snowiest areas of Canada. Talk about a theatrical gift!

Perfect for: Your theater or animal-loving grandchild, or anyone from the Great White North. 

Gift Mugs – $18

Need something to give Zayde, Bubbe, Mom, or Dad? These adorable mugs come with their own stylized tins, and are the perfect gifts to make anyone smile! There are even two styles for your child’s favorite teacher.

Perfect for: A gift from your young child to their parent, grandparent, or teacher.




kaleidoscope - $124 - $158

Kaleidoscope – $124 – $158

These beautiful kaleidoscopes create unique, dazzling displays with a simple turn of the piece’s canister. Functional, gorgeous, and endlessly entertaining.

Perfect for: An artist who can find inspiration in the endless colors of the kaleidoscope, or a friend who would enjoy its timeless beauty.




Inspire a friend or loved one with this bright and joyous portrayal of the seven species. Each panel is a sliver of an original watercolor painting, and their bright colors can fill any home with the joy and warmth of this artist’s California home.

Perfect for: A new couple decorating their shared home, or a gift for yourself to fill that last little bit of wall space.



Shabbat comes on the fourth night of Chanukah, and what better gift can you give than a stunning, functional work of art? This hand-painted challah board is created by an Israeli cancer survivor who teaches her craft to others battling cancer.

Perfect for: A friend or family member who is interested in a product with a cause. What better way to celebrate their strength and struggle that with this meaningful gift?


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