Wedding Shards Sculpture, Upright Hamsa with Clear and Colorful Dichroic Glass, Tube for Broken Wedding Glass Shards

Product Code: tam-t133

Turn the shards from your wedding’s breaking glass into a work of art with this elegant hamsa sculpture. Hamsas are ancient, cross-cultural symbols of blessing and protection, making this a meaningful reflection of a marriage's intentions. Clear and dichroic glass make a textured mosaic finish, surrounding the Hebrew phrase, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” A tube is affixed to the hamsa into which you can pour your glass shards. Tamara Baskin Art Glass is a small, family-run design studio with decades of experience.

  • Approximately 7’’ x 5.5’’, 2’’ base
  • Hand-crafted glass sculpture
  • A stunning and thoughtful gift to celebrate an engagement or wedding
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