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Tallit Set, “Fringes of Life,” Blue Striping, Polyester, 18 x 72”

Product Code: PD-FOL-B

$288.00 USD

In the Torah, God commands Jewish people to adorn their four-cornered garments with specially tied fringes, tzitzit. Without the tzitzit, this beautiful tallit would be merely a shawl. The tzitzit tied to this garment’s corners give this tallit life. The bold blue striped patterns pay tribute to the techeilet color used to dye tzitzit in days of old, and within these lines are excerpts from Biblical texts which mention the mitzvah of wearing tzitzit.

  • 18” x 72”
  • Polyester with applique
  • The atarah (neckband) is decorated with the text of the Hebrew blessing for donning a tallit
  • Made in the USA