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Necklace, Onyx Beads with Chalcedony Stone in Center

Product Code: n14or-ch

$89.00 USD

This classic necklace is lined with black onyx beads, with a turquoise-colored chalcedony stone featured in the center. Hand-beaded with a remarkable eye toward color patterns, the bright color of the chalcedony stands out beautifully in contrast with the surrounding black onyx beads. In addition to being visually stunning, mineral quartzes such as chalcedony are believed to ease self-doubt, bring inner reflection and peace, and encourage a clear, bright optimism. This necklace is perfect for everyday wear, and makes a thoughtful birthday present. This piece was created by an east coast-based, multi-talented artist who is also an accomplished violinist.

  • Necklace is approximately 16’’ long
  • Hand-beaded with onyx and chalcedony
  • A distinguished gift to celebrate a birthday or special occasion