Miriam’s Cup, Glass 12 oz Cup with Wrapped Wire, Blue, Green and Purple Beads on Stem

Product Code: sw2-q

This artistic Miriam’s Cup adds pops of color to your Passover seder! The Miriam’s Cup is an additional ritual added to the Passover seder. Miriam’s Cup is filled with water, serving as a symbol for the well which followed the Israelites in the desert. This glass cup is wrapped with spiraling silver down the entire piece. The stem has blue, green, and purple beads, reminiscent of growing buds on a vine. This piece is colorful and has a lot of personality. This cup makes the perfect gift for the vibrant person in your life.

  • Approximately 8" tall
  • 8.5 oz Cup
  • Silver with Beads
  • Made in USA
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