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Menorah, Child’s Name in Blocks, Personalizable

Product Code: persmen

$54.00 USD

Celebrate a special child with this one-of-a-kind gift they and their family will treasure for years to come. This hand-crafted menorah is built out of classic toy blocks, spelling out any name you choose. Additional decorative blocks make this a fun, timeless image of childhood. The menorah is affixed to a wooden platform, making this menorah sturdy enough for little hands.

When checking out, please list the name you’d like on the menorahin the notes field below. The artist can accommodate up to 10 letters, and can use decorative blocks as spacers between first and middle names. Each menorah is unique, and is made at the artist’s discretion. You may request a specific theme for the decorative blocks (e.g., sports, animals, etc.), and we will call you with alternative options if the artist is unable to meet your requested theme.

  • Approximately 14” x 3” x 4.5”
  • As this item will be hand-made just for you, please allow 2 weeks for the menorah to arrive
  • Wooden blocks and metal candle-holders
  • Use of drip-cups is recommended to protect the menorah from wax
  • A personalized and playful gift to celebrate a special child