Jacob’s Ladder, 10x19, Unframed

Product Code: 22234

This richly-colored and inspiring piece depicts Jacob’s vision of a ladder connecting heaven and earth. As it’s told in Genesis 28, Jacob sees a ladder on which travel angels and he receives a divine promise of blessing, sacred land, and that his descendants should be as numerous as the dust of the earth. The vivid colors and brushstrokes of this piece evoke the clarity and beautiful simplicity of Jacob’s response: “Surely G-d was in this place and I did not know it.” A serigraph print of an original watercolor, this piece was created by a Moroccan-Israeli artist who works in Tzfat. This work of art comes unframed.

  • Approximately 19’’ x 9.5’’ unframed
  • Serigraph print of an original watercolor
  • An inspiring gift for a wedding, graduation, or special milestone
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