It's Okay To Laugh. Seriously!, hc

Product Code: 9781937887469

by Gitty Stolik

The world needs more simchah. We can become more joyous and we must. Still, is it possible? We’re barely able to keep our heads above water! Can we (not only maintain, but) actually increase our simchah amidst life’s swirling challenges? The answer is a resounding Yes! We can become happier by inviting humor and its co-conspirator, laughter into our lives! Laughter and humor are the twin engines that keep joy aloft. Humor and laughter work. Let’s laugh together and learn to make our lives, and the world, more joyous.

  • Published in 2015
  • Hardcover
  • Approximately 9” x 6.5”, 1” thick, 245 pages
  • Black and white text
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