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Entree to Judaism: A Culinary Exploration of the Jewish Diaspora, hc

Product Code: 9780807411100

$39.95 USD

by Tina Wasserman

What we eat says so much about who we are and from where we come. Do you like your matzah brie sweet or savory? Is your chicken soup matzah ball or mulligatawny? Does your menu feature a cheese torta or a tofu salad? Wherever Jews have settled, they have adapted local tastes and ingredients to meet the needs of Shabbat and kashrut, creating a rich and diverse menu of flavors and styles, all still Jewish. In Entrée to Judaism, Tina Wasserman leads a culinary journey around the world and across the ages, from Spain to India, from Russia to Tunisia, sharing the histories and recipes of the great Diaspora communities and the many wonderful ways they have told their stories through food. Accessible, easy-to-follow recipes for the novice home cook and expert chef alike. Features Tina's Tidbits, fun facts and great cooking tips for every recipe. Includes over 275 recipes and dozens of full-color photos.

  • Published in 2009
  • Hardcover
  • Approximately 8"x10", 1" thick, 472 pages
  • Full color throughout
  • A culinary journey through the Jewish Diaspora