Earrings, Oval Mesh Design, Sterling Silver and Gold Plated, on Wire

Product Code: GSE10053

These layered earrings are reminiscent of constellations on an oval mesh backdrop. The matte silver, oxidized silver, and matte gold polka dots are balanced and symmetrically lined up for an elegant aesthetic. The layers of plating will help keep the earrings from changing color or tarnishing. Lightweight and easy to wear, these multi-tone earrings will enhance a multitude of wardrobe choices. With basic black, they’ll elevate your outfit for the occasion. In soft, everyday clothing, they’ll add casual, comfortable style. The Israeli artist designed these with the desire to combine a sense of joy with elegance which she has achieved magnificently.

  • Approximately 1" x 0.5 "
  • Hypoallergenic sterling silver and gold plated
  • Handmade in Israel
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