How To: Order Breaking Glass Reconstructions

Here at Kolbo, we offer a broad variety of breaking glass keepsakes—mezuzot, kiddush cups, reconstructions in glass and lucite, and more. Some are DIY (do it yourself), and some have to be sent away for (we’ll send your wedding shards to the vendor, and they will send the completed keepsake back to you). Please browse our breaking glass keepsake category to see a selection of some of the options. There are more options available in store, so please stop by and visit us, or give a call if you would like to find out more about your options. Below you will find information about engraving and customization options.

Engraving on Shardz Keepsakes:

Shardz wedding glass pieces often come engraved. You will always get to choose whether the engraving is done in gold, silver, or frost. Below are some photo samples.

Frost Engraving:

Shardz Sample - Frost Engraving

Gold Engraving:

Shardz Sample - Gold Engraving

Silver Engraving:

Shardz Sample - Silver Engraving

(Silver engraving is very similar in tone to frost engraving, but is more reflective.)

Have any questions about engraving? Give us a call at (800) 238-8743.