Hamsa for the Wall, English Home Blessing, Twelve Tribes Motif, Lasercut Wood with Stones, Medium

Product Code: mb388050

Sanctify your home with this charming hamsa for the wall. Hamsas are ancient, cross-cultural symbols of blessing and protection. This wooden hamsa contains a heartfelt blessing for the home in English amid a background of semi-precious stones. An extra layer of symbolism: The stones in the center of the piece evoke the breastplate that the high priests would wear in the Temple as described in Exodus 28. Each semi-precious stone represents one of the twelve tribes of Israel. This hamsa makes an excellent housewarming gift.

  • Approximately 7.5’ x 6’’
  • Text reads: “BLESSING FOR THE HOME. May this home be blessed with love, May this home be blessed with peace, May this home be blessed with joy, happiness and success.”
  • Handmade in Israel.
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