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Yiddish American Klezmer Music 1925-1956, cd

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Author / Artist: Tarras, Dave


In these recordings Dave Tarras plays with several orchestras in the span of about 30 years. If you are looking for a collection of clarinet solos, for which Tarras became a legend, then this is not the right cd, but rather you should get the two cd's titled "Dave Tarras - Master of Klezmer Music" (Global Village). On the other hand, here you can find a colorful and heterogeneous collection of tunes, some of which traditional (doynas, freilekhs, horas...), others more strongly influenced by the musical trends of the thirties. In several cases Jewish traditional tunes blend gracefully with swing and jazz. Some tracks are introduced by the original radio broadcastings, which make this album even more precious. There is also an unusually long and informative booklet on Tarras. Considering that most of the original recordings date back to more than 70 years ago, the technical quality is remarkably fine.