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Alberstein - Lemele: Original Yiddish Songs, CD

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Product SKU: 21774-cd


Author / Artist: Alberstein, Chava


Calling someone her country's greatest singer would be a huge compliment to most performers. In the case of Chava Alberstein, however, it only tells a small part of the story. Alberstein is undoubtedly Israel's most accomplished singer, having released over 54 recordings since the late 1960's, many of them now gold or platinum. Alberstein is Israel; her development as an artist mirrors Israel's development as a country; her growing pains are Israel's growing pains. Alberstein and Israel are even the same age and they both share a tiny but powerful stature. In this haunting recording, "Lemele," in Yiddish, was recorded in the Czech Republic, produced by acclaimed producer Ales Brezina.