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Kiddush Cup, Delicata style

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Product SKU: a11-6


Author / Artist: shardz


The breaking of a glass during the Jewish wedding ceremony is one of the most celebrated traditions. It can be interpreted in many ways. Some consider the frailty of the non-tempered glass as a symbol of the frailty of human relationships. Even as a couple marries and strengthens their bond, it reminds us of the care required to maintain this tenuous connection. As a symbol of the destruction of the Holy Temple, the glass reminds us of sadness even in the most joyous of occasions. Once the glass has been broken, it cannot be mended and therefore reflects the permanence of marriage.
This graceful kiddush cup's stem encloses the broken pieces and turns them into a tangible memento of your wedding. $25 shipping includes shipping shards to artist, then to whomever customer indicates.

We need to know:
1) whether customer wants Hebrew to read ani l’dodi v’dodi li or borei p’ri hagafen;
2) if engraving should be silver, gold or frost;
3) what color shards customer will send;
4) what color customer would like cup portion to be; any of the colors in which the Shardz glasses for breaking at wedding are available.
If customer does not specify, artist will choose according to own aesthetic sense.
*) Process can take 5 months, but may be faster; the glue requires a good 3 weeks to dry.