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Haneirot Halalu, CD

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"Newly re-mastered and expanded edition! On CD for the first time, this recording contains all 9 songs from the home manual for Chanukah, HANEIROT HALALU: THESE LIGHTS ARE HOLY published by the Central Conference of American Rabbis, plus three new tracks from Dan Nichols (Chanukah: A Song of Dedication), Laura Berkson (Menorah) and Kol B'Seder (Another Year, Another Hanukah). Three songs each are taken from SHIRON L'YELADIM and SHIRON L'NOAR; and 3 are sung by Kol Tikvah 6th Grade Choir, Woodland Hills, CA. Includes: Birchot Chanuka, Yemei Hachanuka, Ma-oz Tzur, Mi Yemaleil', I Have A Little Dreidel, Sevivon, Not By Might, Light One Candle, and Chanuka."