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Let Go, cd

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Product SKU: sp-dze-10d


Author / Artist: Zeller, David


"Rabbi David Zeller is a pioneer in transpersonal psychology and Jewish spirituality and meditation, and an internationally known teacher, counselor, singer and writer. In these 9 spiritual songs, with and without words, 'David's inner beauty and soft angelic voice will mesmerize you. His weaving together of heart and mind promotes relaxation, meditation, and healing. Selections include Shuvi Nafshi, Ki LiShu'atcha, BeShem HaShem (Shlomo Carlebach), Ribono Shel Olam (R' Levi Yitzhak of Berditchov), Sabeinu, Bach Rabeinu (Breslov), Rebbe Nachman's Nigun, and two original songs Let Go and A Nigun.' Hebrew lyrics, translations, transliterations, and descriptive notes are included in the exquisitely designed CD booklet, which itself is a work of art!. "