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World Tree, sculpture, bronze on marble, 39”

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Product SKU: 24038


Author / Artist: Schon, Nancy


39" bronze sculpture on marble base with turntable.


"This extraordinary piece is reflective of the teachings of Heraclitus a Greek philosopher who lived from 535 – 475 B.C.E., who famously said that one could never step in the same river twice because the waters of a river must constantly be changing.  This resonated for the artist given her belief that one is a different person every day and that we all go through life, climbing and then hitting a plateau, then going on to another level in life.   Every figure in this piece is different from every other but they are the same person."

Nancy Schön is an internationally renowned sculptor, most well known for her celebrated Make Way for Ducklings in the Boston Public Garden. She is known for her warm, evocative representations of human and animal figures and has received many commissions both public and private in the United States and abroad.